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              Woodworker West

              IN THE CURRENT ISSUE
              September-October, 2020

                WHAT'S NEWS
                • Woodworking Goes Virtual to Replace In-Person Events
                • IWF Virtual Trade Show
                • New Legacy CNC System
                • Walrus Oil Wood Finishes
                • Japanese Saws at Woodcraft
                • AWF Lanches Job Board
                • New Laminates from Wilson Art
                • Artist COVID-19 Relief Programs
                • Lumber Prices Skyrocket
                • Free Product Listings on Google
                • Folding Cabinet Bed Anniversary

                • 'Fine Art Woodworking' at Orange County Fair
                • Wood Artisans at the Dahmen Barn
                • Forest Heritage Center Exhibitions & Demonstrations

                • 39 Exhibition/Competition Woodworking Opportunities

                • 29 Woodworking Happenings

                ON EXHIBIT
                  31 Woodworking Exhibitions

                  Activities at 22 Clubs, plus Carving & Carft Shows

                Woodworking Observations by Ron Goldman
                  Woodworking and Coronavirus

                WOODCENTRAL.COM by Ellis Walentine
                  Thoughts on Design

                  Harlequin Vessel & Questions

                TOOLS & TECHS
                  Drawing is the Langiage of the Designer by Ian J. Kirby

                TURNING TOPICS
                  AAW Virtual Instant Gallery

                • Get Back in the Woodworking Saddle by Gary Rogowski
                • Listing of Woodworking Workshops, Demos, Classes in Western U.S.

                THE MARKETPLACE - Classified Ads

                SHAVINGS & SAWDUST
                • Nakashima 'Peace' Coffee Table at Video Political Conversation
                • Japanese Exhibit Reveals Joinery Secrets

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              Woodworker West
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              Los Angeles, CA 90045

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